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Kona Oasis - Buffalo Day Spa, facials, skin care, massage, nail services, manicures, pedicures, spray tan
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New Kona Oasis Booking Policy:
Our employees train to become licensed experts in their field and their time (as well as yours) is valuable. If a client does not show up or cancels last minute we do not have time to fill that slot and our employees lose out, as well as anyone on their wait list that could have taken that time slot. We understand that there are occasional emergencies that cannot be prevented, but moving forward we will be taking a credit card number to hold clients' appointment(s). If the scheduled service is not canceled at least 24 hours prior to the original scheduled time, then 50% of the cost of that service will be charged.
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Spa Packages Top
Creekview Restaurant - Kona Oasis - massage, facial, nail services, Spa packages For packages including a spa lunch, you get to choose from our menu of wonderful cuisine prepared by Creekview Restaurant
Kona Half Day Retreat $236 Kona Oasis - Massages, Facials, Nail Services and Spa Packages
Relax with a Steam Shower, 60 minute Kona Massage, Kona Facial, and Makeup Application. Also includes a spa lunch provided by Creekview Restaurant and a Spa Gift from Kona Oasis.
Kona Full Day Retreat $332
Pamper yourself with a Steam Shower, 60 minute Kona Massage, Kona Facial, Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, and Makeup Application. Just like the half day retreat you will also receive a spa lunch prepared by Creekview Restaurant and a Spa Gift from Kona Oasis.
The Kona Package $240
Rejuvenate with a Kona Facial, 60 minute Kona Massage, and a Spa Pedicure. Don't forget your Spa Gift from Kona Oasis

Facials and Skin Treatments Top
Kona Oasis - skin care and facial services The Kona Facial $95
Upon consultation, our estheticians will customize your facial to address your specific needs and concerns. Each facial includes cleansing, exfoliation, a mask, and a moisturizer
Express Facial $65
Customized to your specific needs but in and out for those of you with a busy lifestyle
Collagen Stimulation Facial $110
The layering of AHA Fruit Peel land Hungarian Paprika Gel Treatment combines gentle peeling with intense circulation to create an amazing smoothing and firming effect. Following this with the luxurious and powerful Eco-Peptide Therapy Collection will sooth the skin while even further stimulating the production of collagen.
AHA Peeling Treatment $125 for 90 minutes
$95 for 60 minutes
Kona Oasis -- Skincare and facial services -- ilike Skincare
Note: 60 minute service is not for sensitive skin and does not include extractions
Stimulating and detoxifying treatments using glycolic. Blood circulation increases elevating your body heat and raising cellular metabolism to provide oxygenating absorption. Your skin will be velvety, smooth and rejuvenated with a glowing and even complexion
Pluri Peel $80
$155 with Kona Facial
A 30% glycolic acid peel that goes above and beyond exfoliation by reducing harmful free radicals, protecting DVA from UV rays, and restoring the skin to a more youthful appearance.
Microdermabrasion Treatment
    With Kona Facial
    With Back Facial
    Package of 6 Treatments
$130 for 30 minutes
$525 (save $255)
Kona Oasis' Microdermabrasion Treatments use the patented DiamondTome™ wands which remove the topmost layer of skin by gently polishing the skin with natural diamond chips bonded to the tip of the wand while vacuuming the exfoliated skin cells away in a controlled manner. Removing this outer layer leaves a smoother texture, promotes the growth of healthy new skin, stimulates vascular circulation, and leaves the skin more supple, vibrant, and with a healthier and firmer appearance. The treatment is non-invasive, pain-free and requires no down time. Your skin is free of redness, irritation and particle contamination.
    Signature (30 min)
    Deluxe (45 min)
    Platinum (60 min)

The base of all Hydrafacial™ treatments is the Signature treatment that deeply cleanses, extracts, and hydrates the skin through super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. Upgrade to the Deluxe treatment and take advantage of boosters and additional protocols addressing specific skin concerns. The ultimate? Try the Platinum treatment that includes lymphatic drainage for detoxification, all of the essentials of the Signature treatment, a booster to address your specific skin concerns, and an LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging.
Back Facial $100
The Kona Facial customized for your back
Eye Treatment $40
Addresses puffiness, dark circles, and dehydration
   Kona Oasis - Make-up Make-up Application $40
Our make-up artist will select the proper colors and professionally apply make-up for your special occasion or just if you want to feel pampered.
Make-up Lesson $60
Our make-up artist will show you what colors are best for you and give you step-by-step instructions on how to apply your make-up to get the look you want.
Bridal/Special Occasion Make-up $57 and up
Our make-up artists will make you look extra beautiful on your special day.

Massage Services Top
The Kona Massage $117 for 90 minutes
$87 for 60 minutes
$50 for 30 minutes
Kona Oasis - Massage Services
The traditional Swedish massage meant to relax the body, increase circulation, and calm the mind
Deep Tissue Massage $130 for 90 minutes
$100 for 60 minutes
$65 for 30 minutes
A therapeutic massage that is more intense than the Swedish massage. Our therapists can adjust the pressure in specific areas to target your specific needs. This massage is ideal for individuals with an active lifestyle and is also beneficial for injuries
Himalayan Hot Salt Stone Massage $115 for 60 minutes
Himalayan salt stones are warmed and massaged over the body to ground and balance the body's electromagnetic field, central nervous system and meridians. From the ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains, these hand-carved salt stones harmonize and revitalize to gently soothe away an accumulation of stress and tension to bring the mind, body and spirit into balance.
Hot Stone Massage $105 for 60 minutes
A relaxing massage where smooth lava stones are heated and then used as an extension of the therapist's hands. It is great for heating up and loosening tight muscles while relieving stress and tension
Kona Oasis -- Couple Massages, Aroma Therapy, Thai Massage Reflexology Massage $70 for 50 minutes
$40 for 30 minutes
This massage concentrates on the feet. Every organ of the body is connected to this area and blocked energy can be dissolved
Prenatal Massage $85
This soothing massage relieves tight muscles and increases circulation. (It is not recommended to have this massage in your first trimester.)
Reiki Sessions $40 for 30 minutes
$65 for 60 minutes
Reiki (Ray-ki) is a Japanese technique of stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. During a session, you may experience some warmth and tingling. Most clients report feeling a very deep relaxation and greater sense of calm. Sessions are performed with the client fully clothed.
Anti-Stress Scalp Treatment $50
An aroma therapy massage treatment targeting the scalp, neck, and shoulders to relieve tension. Great for headaches, sinusitis, and anyone who carries tension in their neck and shoulders
Massage Cupping $60
A treatment used to drain excess fluids and toxins, stimulate the nervous system, promote blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin, loosen connective tissue and knots in your muscles and soft tissue
Facial Cupping $40
This remarkable and relaxing treatment can be done alone or with a facial. The benefits of Facial Cupping range from increased circulation and nutrients brought to the epidermis to a reduction in fine lines and improved muscle tone. Treatments can be geared toward reducing stagnant fluid, such as sinus pressure and congestion, or a reduction in tension and muscle tightness. ADD-ON to a Facial $15 and up.

Nail Services Top
Basic Pedicure $48 Kona Oasis - Nail Services - Pedicures
Spa Pedicure $58
The Kona Pedicure $68
Pedicure with seasonal scents
Pedicure Add-ons
French $8
Polish Change $17

Kona Oasis -- Nail Services - Manicures
Powder Dip
An odorless, lightweight nail treatment that is a great alternative to acrylic. Makes nails strong, shiny, and naturally beautiful. Length can be added for those looking for a longer nail. (manicure not included)
Application to natural nail $38 (45 min)
Application w/tip applied $60 (1 hr)
Remove and Apply $48 (1 hr)
Soak off only $30 (45 min)
French (additional) $5
Basic Manicure $31
Spa Manicure $38
Dazzle Dry Manicure $45
A unique four-step nail system designed to deliver long-lasting results without the use of harsh chemicals. Wears like a gel but can be removed with nail polish remover.
The Kona Manicure $48
Manicure with seasonal scents
Manicure Add-ons
French $5
Polish Change $15
Gel Polish $15 to Apply
$15 to Remove
$25 to Remove and Apply

Waxing & Sugaring Top
Eyebrow Arch $18
Upper Lip $15
Chin $15
Under Arm $25
Arm $35 and up
Bikini $35 and up
Brazilian $68 and up
Half Leg $40 and up
Full Leg without Bikini $70 and up
Full Leg with Bikini $95 and up
Men's Back $57 and up
Men's Chest $57 and up
Neck $22

Brow and Lash Tinting
100% vegetable tint
Brows $17
Lashes $17
Brows and Lashes Together $27
Lash Lift
We use the Sugar Lash Pro Lash Lift System to enhance and curl the appearance of your lashes
Lift $85
Lift with tint $102
Lash Extensions
Full Set $150
Fills $50 and up

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